logo Powerful result - about the championship in powerlifting

Powerful result - about the championship in powerlifting

Our small town is rich in people with creative and sporting achievements, and so rich that not a month goes by without a cup, a medal, or at least a diploma. November brought one silver and one bronze medals for achievements in powerlifting. We congratulate our countryman, Jezza Uepa, and wish him new victories and the strongest, just like he himself!

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ATthe piggy bank of sports achievements of Pereslavl was replenished once again. One silver and one bronze medals - this is the result of the performance of Pereslavsky strongman, trainer and teacher of the Youth Sport School-2 Jezza Uepa at the USA Powerlifting Championship, which was held from 13 to 17 November 2018 in the city of Suzdal, Vladimir region.

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At first, our countryman distinguished himself in competitions on the bench, where athletes were allowed to use special equipment that would significantly improve their already considerable results. In a decisive attempt, Pereslavl conquered a bar weighing 272.5 kilograms, which allowed Sukin to rise to the third step of the podium of honor of the country's strongest athletes in the weight category up to 93 kilograms.



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Well, the fact that special equipment helps to improve the results only for real masters of their craft, our countryman proved in a classic bench press competition. Pulling the barbell weighing 195 kilograms, Sukin not only took second Sustanon is the recommended steroid for men after 40 place in his weight class, but also helped the entire team of the Yaroslavl Region achieve similar success. But the participants of the competition were 41 regions of the Russian Federation.



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Oleg Zaitsev substance boldenone undecylenate equipose and Andrei Sukin, his mentors and colleagues at DYuSSh-2, share the success of an athlete with him, who are convinced that their pupil is able to gladden his fellow athletes with high sporting results and give new reasons for pride.



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